A 420 site..

FAQ, inspired by a request to move a [legal] dispensary site “off-shore”. This may apply to other challenges and different content… YMMV…

  1. The Challenge
    1. Your 420 content or selling is being shutdown
      1. by your registrar
      2. by your host
      3. by agencies
  2. Needs
    1. anonymous domain registration
    2. tollerant host
    3. anonymous access
    4. untraceable processing
  3. Solutions
    1. register your domain anonymously to avoid being tracked or held liable
    2. chose a hosting service tolerant to your content
    3. use ONLY a suitable VPN when accessing your
      1. registry
      2. host management
      3. site management
      4. ANY order, payment, shipping and other processing
    4. process using crypto (prefer ETH over BTC)
  4. im detail
    1. Prepare
      1. use VPN!!!
      2. open a disposable eMail
      3. register a secure eMail and use #2/for verification to remain anonymous! THIS is your ONLY contact eMail for ALL other services!
    2. domain
      1. use ONLY your secure eMail
      2. njal.la will register a domain on your behalf with a registry…
      3. other registrars may tolerate fake info and anonymous payment. However, you may end up suspended if your info is found to be false.
      4. in either case, your domaim “may” still get blocked by the registrar and/or the law. (YES, even njal.la, the best available choice, will NOT be able to protect you from being blocked by the registrar and/or tld admin or ICANN!!! PERIOD! Whoever tells you differently is a liar and/or does not know how this works! you have been warned!)
      5. cheap: use a numeric “xyz” domain at $0.99 pa that is $5 for a 5 or $10 for 10 year term (considder it money well spent if your domain works for 12 month or more!!! (njal.la charges you $20 for a $12 domain). multiple xyz under different eMails will allow redundancy…
      6. more trouble: move to TOR
    3. host (the tricky part)
      1. Very FEW hosts are tolerant AND trustworthy AND good performance, let alone with reasonable budget to performance ratio… WE can help in finding the flavour of the day…
      2. in general, we ONLY suggest using an off-shore VPS (“shared hosting” will lack features and “dedicated” is overkill AND may be costly to be kicked out for violating AUP…)
      3. because openVZ has too many problems (!), ONLY select a VPS host with KVM with at least
        2 cores,
        2 GB RAM,
        15 GB SSD and
        2TB bandwidth or better. Aim for 4/4/50 with unmetered bandwidth or 1GB port (if you find one with unmetered AND 1GB port you are lucky or it is a fraud :-)… look for 8/8/100+ if you want to service many busy sites… (i.e. “busy”  > 1,000 visitors per day & “many” >20 domains)
      4. IF you are looking for many/busy… better drop me an eMail as this is way to simplistic a guide!
      5. IF you want to operate many sites add a second server for dedicated MySQL (prefer MariaDB or Percona over the original MySQL!)
      6. busy/many consider varnish caching server
      7. NOTE: many host will not allow eMail servers (e.g. njal.la!!!) and NONE will allow spam/bulk eMail.)
      8. use ONLY your secure eMail
      9. pay your host with crypto or prepaid VISA (purchased with cash) and risk the 12 months pre-pay discount to avoid hustle amd loss of service
      10. choose a suitable OS (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian – as of 2021_we no longer recommend Centos)
      11. install a control panel
      12. configure DNS, firewall, security, DBMS, etc. (or ask us to do it BEFORE #1)
      13. install your domain(s)
      14. ADD letsencrypt FREE SSL
      15. add a CMS
      16. add your content
      17. note that this setup will allow you to host/manage multiple domains!

So, there is a basic rundown… we have left out a lot of the detail as it may only make sense to those interested/knowledgeable about server admin…

IF you need/want more info… simply contact us with your needs. We can offer:

a) free advice (you may get more than what you pay for… 😉

b) consult on your needs and recommend solutions

c) create and manage a solution for you


NOTE: This post is in no way intended to facilitate or encourage any kind of illegal activities. It is merely here to discuss suitable alternatives for those cases when a legitimate intent is being blocked due to unreasonable policies.

PEACE to everyone!