Make iso from CD

Linux Mint (< Ubuntu < Debian) – This will likely work on most Debian based distros.

I often load Virtual Machines using Virtual Box and need to:

a) boot and/or start OS from a CD-ROM or DVD 

b) while running Virtual machines need to access Data or software from CD-ROM

c) Archive my CD-ROM or DVD and save it to my NAS or backup drive

d) option “c” is also useful if/when you acquire a PC or Laptop which no longer has a DVD Drive…

All this can be achieved easily by creating “iso” images from the original media and save the resulting file for future use.

  1. insert media into the drive
  2. open a terminal and type the command # mount
  3. from the output determine the device name of your media e.g.
    1. /dev/sr0
    2. /dev/src0
    3.  etc.
  4. figure out WHERE you want to store your images on your HDD (you can move it later) e.g. /home/user/ISO-Images
  5. in the terminal execute the following command
    1. cat /dev/sr0 > /home/user/ISO-Images/DiskName.iso
  6.  Wait for the process to finish (“cat” will list the content of the media and “>” will redirect the output of the lisitng to the named file.
  7. You can now mount the image in you OS and verify it against you media.
  8. Done


[In 2018 I have started to write short and handy guides to remind myself of how to do things (mostly in Linux) and figured that putting it on this blog makes an easy repository and I can share it at the same time.]


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