Green Value Host

I will have to write something more about Green Value Host, the CHEAP and useless provider! You see a brandnew site here because they just switched off my server without warning and 3 weeks before the end of the contract (10+ days after I gave them notice that I will not renew.

The tickets sent to them got answers 24-30 hours later and went
“oh, whats wrong” –
“do you really want us to restore it?”
EVEN AFTER I ASKED for my (paid) service – nothing more from GVH!

SORRY to all who tried to get to the eMail in the last few days …

I tried to set up a new VPS (SUCCESS) and install a new panel.

FAILED getting virtualmin/webmin to work the way I wanted (4 days)

DECIDED to use VestaCP, started this morning and VOILA!

1) server, DNS, MAIL (!!!) working out of the box (almost)

2) got this page (WorPress) up within 8 hours

NOW I have a lot more clean-up to do …

REMEMBER THIS:  However cheap your server is at GVH you will pay 1000x more in lost time and grief. This is now running with ServerMania (ALSO using COLOCROSSING – just like GVH). Conclusion: COLOCROSSING is  not the main problem … Updates to follow