Uptime Robot

I have had severe uptime problems with my old VPS at GreenValueHost (now defunct).

Since that time I have used the free 50 monitor – 5 minute monitors at UptimeRobot.

Two notes and one update on this status:

  • The UptimeRobot service is excellent, works unobtrusively in the background and alerts me of any problems.
  • The “new” hosting provider (VPS) at ServerMania does not have the same problems (even though I keep monitoring). They are a great provider and very economical (for the VPS I got at the time – not offered any more).
  • Update: This website now has a “live” rss feed in the footer which reports on the status of the monitors at UptimeRobot. Not need for a ‘normal’ website; however, useful when reporting facts is better than just a ‘good feeling’ with our service provider.

Conclusion:  ServerMania is a highly recommended host and UptimeRobot is an excellent (free) service.

(Disclosure: I am not affiliated and/or compensated by the service providers described herein.)